Poverty and Mental Health

Poor mental health and poverty go hand in hand. With the income of many Toronto residents staying the same, but asset values increasing, it creates increased pressure on families and individuals. A survey conducted in February 2015 by the national Survey Board found that over 70% of adults are suffering from severe stress and depression. This numbers shocked us as stress and depression directly relate to the productivity of employees.

Depression is a large issue that must be tacked. Many families are feeling hopeless as they cannot afford to purchase a house and are mainly renting. These families are being left behind as house prices increase and are forced into low income housing units. Rental rates are also seen going up faster on a monthly basis than ever before.

Our organization has set up booths all over Toronto providing free therapeutic advice to the public. We acknowledge in these difficult times it is hard for one to think rationally. We provide advice relating to personal finance, mental health and also give advice on the different government programs that are offered.

Divorce rates in Toronto have skyrocketed because of financial reasons. Many families have just one breadwinner and it is not enough to support a household. When social systems such as this face pressure, it effects the province as a whole.

What Can be Done

Minimum Wage- We need to pressure the provincial government to increase the minimum wage in order to make it more manageable for families to live.

Social Programs- We need to ensure that everyone is aware of the social programs in place as many in need are unaware of the help they can get.