Low Income Housing Design

With the rapid rise in property prices, there is a great need for affordable housing. Space is limited which means that intensification must occur in order to reduce prices. For example many homeless shelters downtown are closing down as developers come and buy the properties to build large multi story buildings. With little develop able land for sale, there is a need to get creative.  For example, new low income units are starting to be built underground as it is cheaper to build underground than above ground. Areas such as regent park have seen huge increases in prices over the past decade and there is no sign of this stopping. One of the main companies in charge of building and designing low income units is toronolandscapingservices.ca.

There is a need to beautify low income developments and this in studies have been shown to correlate in lower crime and improved happiness. As land is scarce, this is much more difficult to achieve. The idea is to incorporate nature into the architecture and have greenery all around. Through more planning, we should have an idea on how to proceed with low income development and subsidized housing in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.